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Legacy version

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Living Styleguide for componentized front end development.

Uses the Gulp task runner to compile and lint Sass, lint JavaScript, transpile ES6 Code and create static HTML from Handlebars.


Only tested with Node.js v6.9.1 and v7.2.0. An update from 6 to 7 may require a full re-install of dependencies.


Make sure CLI is installed globally with npm install -g front-end-styleguide-cli.

If you don't want to or cannot install the CLI you have to use ./node_modules/.bin/front-end-styleguide instead of front-end-styleguide.

Run npm install to get all dependencies. npm update will install and update all dependencies.

To check for outdated packages without updating them run npm outdated.


The files config/config.json and config/paths.json can be used to customize specific task settings and the source and destination folders.

.babelrc and .eslintrc.json files are also available for Babel and ESLint configuration.

Released under the Hippocratic License 3.0.