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Legacy version

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The styleguide provides branding capabilities for the navigation bar and the component pages. Custom colors, an icon and logo can be set.

Create the file config/branding.json to turn on branding. If no branding-file was found, the default colors from the styleguide will be used.

The following options are available:

  "css": {
    "color-primary": "#f88",
    "color-secondary": "#999",
    "color-text": "#000",
    "color-background": "#ddd"
  "logo": {
    "icon": "filename.svg",
    "logo": "another-filename.svg",
    "title": "Title for the link",
    "url": ""

The icon and logo have to be SVG files. The icon must be square but the logo can have any aspect ratio. Make sure to set the width and height attributes to limit the logo dimensions. Both files have to be placed in the config-folder and will be inlined with Nunjucks.

Released under the Hippocratic License 3.0.